1. Great Awakenings Documentary Medley
2. Yankee Doodle/Dixie Medley
3. Dear Andy Griffith
4. If 10% Is Good Enough For Jesus
5. Come To The U.S.A.
6. Mr. Businessman
7. We The People
8. Safe At Home
9. Thank You
10. God Bless America
11. Grand Old Flag

Price: $13.95


    Ray Stevens' Patriotic show performed LIVE at the Welk Theatre in Branson, MO. This CD is filled with political satire and is not recommended for anyone who is not a conservative-minded red-blooded American. Tea Party folks, you will love it. (This is the second half of Ray Stevens' Live show. For the first half see Such A NightCD. For a DVD of both please see the DVD section).