1. Gitarzan
  2. The Woogie Boogie
  3. Shriner's Convention
  4. Dudley Dorite (Of The Highway Patrol)
  5. The Day I Tried To Teach Charlene McKenzie How To Drive (partial performance)
  6. We Don't Take Nuthin' Off Nobody
  7. The Dooright Family
  8. Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens
  9. Can He Love You Half As Much As I
  10. I Used To Be Crazy
  11. Ahab The Arab
Price: $19.95


    Almost two hours of RAY STEVENS and a cast of comedy characters in his musical movie adventure never before available on DVD. Guest appearances by Chet Atkins, George Lindsey, Jerry Clower, James Gregory and others. Ray is pressured by a maniacal Record Company Executive to cut out the Comedy and "Get Serious". It's a fun-filled hilarious romp through a bad dream that starts when Ray slips on a banana peel and all kinds of monkey business ensues. For a CD of the music from this movie, see the CD section.